Sliding roof opens tiny house bedroom to the sun or stars

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The big draw with the Tiny House Franck is that its roof can be opened to...

France’s Optinid continues its line of novel tiny houses that feature sunroof-like sliding roofs with its Tiny House Franck. The recently-completed home can be opened up to the sun or stars when the weather’s nice and also comes with underfloor heating installed for when it isn’t.

The Tiny House Franck, named after its owner, doesn’t stray very far stylistically from previous models by the firm and measures 6-m (19.6 ft)-long, 2.55-m (8.3 ft)-wide, and 4-m (13 ft)-high. It’s based on a double-axle trailer and is clad in Douglas fir siding, with black polycarbonate accenting.

The interior has a total floorspace of 20.4 sq m (219 sq ft) and visitors enter into a small home office area, which is really just a desk that’s joined onto the storage-integrated staircase. This leads up to the bedroom. The roof is closed as standard but can be unlocked and slid open to allow the owner to open the home to the elements.

The Tiny House Franck measures 6 m (19.6 ft)-long

Back on the ground floor lies a living room with a sofa bed that has storage underneath and can sleep up to two people, plus there’s a small secondary loft bedroom above that sleeps one.

Elsewhere is the kitchen. This includes a fridge, which is placed on the counter, a pull-out table, and a sink. We’ve no word on any oven but hopefully there’s a two-burner stove or some other means of cooking food tucked away somewhere. Further into the home is the bathroom, which has a toilet, shower, and sink.

The Tiny House Franck has a total floorspace of 20.4 sq m (219 sq ft)

The home features an electric 1,000 W underfloor heating system, gets power from a standard RV-style hookup and insulation is made from recycled clothing. Tiny House Franck’s total weight comes in at a relatively light 3,290 kg (7,253 lb).

There are no details available on the price of this one but previous similar models by Optinid have cost in the region of €54,000 (roughly $60,000).


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