Employers Ditching Traditional Dress Code

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Image result for Employers Ditching Traditional Dress CodeSIOUX FALLS, S.D. – What do you plan to wear to work tomorrow?  Is it a suit and tie or blue jeans?

More companies are embracing casual dress codes.

This year several large national companies, including Target and Wall Street titan Goldman Sachs, announced they’re relaxing their dress codes, and you’ll also notice the trend in KELOLAND.

KELOLAND News looks into why companies are ditching the formal dress code.

You may be seeing more blue jeans than ever before at Sioux Falls City Hall.

“To bring something like this to the city–it is a big deal,” Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken said.

That’s because Mayor Paul TenHaken has changed the dress code. The City now has a “dress for your day” policy.

“Look at your schedule. Know what your day is. Do I have a meeting with some bankers and then a presentation? Then I’m going to suit it up or wear a jacket. Am I speaking to a bunch of kids at a school who want to see a more dressed down, casual mayor? I’ll dress for my day accordingly,” TenHaken said.

You’ll also see the attire change at private companies.

“We don’t have a word that we describe or a written policy, but it definitely would be casual,” Lemonly CEO John Meyer said.

Meyer is the CEO and co-founder of Lemonly. The infographic design agency is based in Sioux Falls.

“We do less than ten percent of our business here in South Dakota. When we do go visit our clients, our dress code elevates, but usually we’re just on the phone,” Meyer said.

Even companies that do most of their business in-person are relaxing their dress codes.

“Regardless of industry, going to conferences and dinners and non-profit events it does seem people dress more casually today than 20 years ago,” Meyer said.

“Like every employer we’re trying to recruit and retain talent. Anything that we can do to help in that recruitment and retainment effort we do,” TenHaken said.

Many of you may wonder now how you’re supposed to dress for business. KELOLAND News went to Chelsea’s Boutique to find out.

“This is the high-waisted jean, which I’m obsessed with,” Chelsea’s Boutique Owner Chelsea Tracy said.

Here are a couple of recommendations from Tracy–pairing high-waisted pants with a simple top. You can also throw a blazer over a comfy shirt, and pair it with jeans that look more professional.

“It fits like jeans and feels like jeans, but it doesn’t look like jeans,” Tracy said.

Tracy believes business casual is here to stay, but you need to wear what’s appropriate for your industry.

“Maybe nothing too low cut or too short,” Tracy said.

“Casual does not mean sloppy. There’s a fine line. Nascar t-shirts, beer shirts, things like that are sloppy. That’s not casual dress,” TenHaken said.

TenHaken says so far city employees have been dressing appropriately, and it’s suiting the city well.

“It’s a small benefit. Again it’s no cost to the taxpayer to do this, and I feel it gives us a competitive advantage when we’re recruiting people to come work for the city,” TenHaken said.

Recruitment that’s looking up thanks to dressing down.

Across the country around half of businesses now allow casual dress.


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