Dance Tiny House built with family life in mind

Lili | June 29, 2019 | 0 | Tiny Home

The Dance Tiny House was delivered as a turnkey build excluding appliances and cost around NZD...

Due to the inevitable constraints that come from living in such a small space, tiny houses aren’t particularly child-friendly, especially models with upstairs lofts. Build Tiny aims to mitigate this with its Dance Tiny House, which has some safety features to make small living with a child a bit easier.

The Dance Tiny House measures 8 m (26 ft)-long and has a steel frame, with vinyl exterior cladding. Visitors enter into the living room, which includes a sofa bed and a chair.

Nearby is the kitchen. This has an oven and four-burner propane-powered stove, a sink with cutting board insert, a fridge, and a washing machine. The kitchen counter space can also be extended a little using a movable cabinet on wheels and features clips for a high chair and rounded edges for safety.

The kitchen connects to the bathroom, reached by sliding pocket door. It looks quite snug in there but contains a small sink, some storage space, a shower, and a composting toilet.

View towards the Dance Tiny House's living room

A storage-integrated staircase leads up to the main loft bedroom. This has a queen-sized bed and a full-height wardrobe. There’s also a lowered platform section that allows the owner to stand upright while getting dressed.

The children’s loft bedroom is opposite and can be accessed by ladder from the ground or, alternatively, via a crawl space that connects the two, making it easier for the parents to cross over at night. A safety barrier and baby gates have been installed.

The Dance Tiny House's two lofts are joined by a catwalk with a safety barrier

The Dance Tiny House was delivered as a turnkey build excluding appliances and cost around NZD 114,000 (roughly US$75,000).


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