France’s Optinid clearly knows it has a winning idea with its line of tiny houses sporting roofs that slide open, as the firm offers yet another take on the design with a model meant to be rented out as tourist accommodation. The home has a tweaked interior layout that offers a larger living room, sleeps up to four people and runs on solar power.

The Head in the Stars Professional is based on Optinid’s standard Head in the Stars model and measures 6.6 m (21.6 ft)-long, 2.55 m (8.3 ft)-wide, and is 4 m (13 ft)-high. It rests on a double-axle trailer and its exterior is finished in wood with black polycarbonate accenting.

The bedroom is the most interesting part of the interior. Unlike Optinid’s previous models, it’s reached by ladder instead of staircase and boasts the same sunroof-style sliding roof that opens the room up to the elements when the weather’s nice. When it’s not so great, the roof can be closed and locked into position.

The Head in the Stars Professional's bedroom, shown with the roof in the open position

Down on the ground floor, a good chunk of the available space is taken up by the living room, which is more spacious than previous Optinid models and includes a sofa bed and a table.

Nearby lies the kitchen area. This is really small and basic, even for a French tiny house, and includes a sink, some shelving, a microwave, and a mini-fridge. The toilet and shower, which are kept in separate rooms, are both nearby.

The Head in the Stars Professional's living room is relatively spacious

The Head in the Stars Professional runs from a solar panel array and has insulation made from recycled cotton clothing. An electric heater keeps the interior warm, though the model shown isn’t going to be used in winter so cold weather isn’t too much of a concern anyway.