Compact tiny house has extra room for storage and guests

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The Tiny house L'île au Trésor measures 6-m (19.6 ft)-long

French firm Baluchon is used to working with very limited space due to its country’s strict towing laws, which require tiny houses to be significantly lighter than those in North America. The firm put this experience to use while designing its latest model, which measures just 6-m (19.6 ft)-long. It’s home to a couple and their pets, plus has a spare room for guests or storage.

The Tiny house L’île au Trésor (or Tiny House Treasure Island) is based on a double-axle trailer. It’s finished in red cedar and heat-treated poplar, with a spruce frame.

Visitors enter into the kitchen area, which includes a fridge, sink, two-burner propane-powered stove, and some shelving. There’s also a neat pull-out dining table installed in the cabinetry.

The living room on this model is raised and reached by a few storage-integrated stairs. It has a sofa and a small coffee table. Beneath this space is another area that seems best suited as a storage area but Baluchon says can fit either a couple of single beds or a double. It should be okay in a pinch if guests stay over – assuming they’re not claustrophobic.

The Tiny house L'île au Trésor has a raised living room

Elsewhere on the ground floor is the bathroom, accessed via the kitchen. This is very snug and features a toilet and a shower, but no sink as is unfortunately the case with many of Baluchon’s homes.

There is just one loft bedroom on this model, which is reached by a removable ladder and contains a double bed.

The Tiny house L'île au Trésor has one loft bedroom, pictured

The Tiny house L’île au Trésor gets power from a standard RV-style hookup and was delivered to a vineyard in Nantes, not too far from the firm’s own workshop.


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