Beautiful! Indian Railways gives a traditional makeover to Vikramshila Express using Bihar’s Manjusha folk art

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The train now boasts a vibrant and colourful look.

Indian Railways beautifies Vikramshila Express! In a bid to connect with culture and art as well as to give a mesmerizing makeover to its trains, Piyush Goyal-led Indian Railways has taken an interesting step. The national transporter recently gave a traditional makeover to Train number 12367/12368 Vikramshila Express. To beautify the coaches of Vikramshila Express at Bhagalpur coaching depot of Malda Division, Indian Railways has used the traditional Manjusha folk art of Bhagalpur, Bihar. The train now boasts a vibrant and colourful look. The beautified Vikramshila Express, displaying local folk art on its coaches, has been inaugurated from Bhagalpur railway station in Bihar on 10 August 2019.

This is not the first time that Indian Railways has beautified a train using local art work. Last year, the national transporter beautified its Bihar Sampark Kranti Express by painting its coaches with Madhubani art work. Apart from Bihar Sampark Kranti Express, some other trains originating from the state including Jansadharan Express, Patna Rajdhani Express were also beautified by the Indian Railways using the traditional art form of Madhubani. The mesmerizing folk art form of Madhubani comes from Bihar’s Mithila region. This art form is famous for its colourful and attractive unique geometric patterns. Impressed by this initiative, the United Nations India also complimented the effort of the national transporter.

Indian Railways’ attempt to beautify its trains with traditional art work has left a very positive impression on other countries as well. Earlier this year, it was reported that Japan had requested the Railway Ministry to send a team of Mithila artists from India so that the same could be implemented there as well. The idea to beautify trains with the Mithila art form started from Madhubani railway station in Bihar. The trend was widely appreciated and was soon followed by other railway stations of the state including Patna Junction, Danapur station and Rajendra Nagar station.


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