5 tiny houses you can buy on Amazon

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wooden cabin with front porch and blue trimmed windows.

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Amazon may have started as a bookstore, but the e-commerce giant is now all over households and in the headlines. From smart home devices to the perennial favorite Instant Pot, Amazon sells almost everything—including houses.

Of course, we’re not talking about large houses. But an increasing number of tiny homes can be ordered on Amazon. They come in different shapes and sizes—think shipping containers, backyard sheds, and cabins—and each unit requires a unique amount of sweat equity.

We’ve rounded up five different options below.


MODS 40-foot Shipping Container House

Cost: $36,000

Details: The 320-square-foot house uses a new sea container as the structural shell—not a recycled one—and includes a rather plain bedroom, shower, toilet, sink, small kitchenette, appliances, and living area. Large double doors open to the outside, and extra windows were added to increase light.

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Allwood Solvalla Garden House

Cost: $7,350

Details: The 172-square-foot backyard cabin can be constructed by two people using, according to the product description, “simple tools” in just eight hours thanks to step-by-step directions. The design consists of a small indoor space measuring about 86 square feet with floor-to-ceiling windows and a sliding door. Adjacent to this is a covered patio with slated exterior walls for a breezy look.

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wooden cabin with front porch and blue trimmed windows.Amazon

Lillevilla Allwood Cabin Kit Getaway

Cost: $18,800

Details: The cabin is modest in size, featuring a downstairs with three rooms and a lofted sleeping area. It can function as a summer house, home office, or stand-alone retail building. The kit takes two adults approximately two to three days to construct using step-by-step directions that come with the kit.

Check it all out, over here.

small shipping container house with solar panels up topAmazon

20 or 40-foot Expandable Container House

Cost: $24,800

Details: Made with a hot galvanized light steel frame, this expandable container house comes with plumbing and a solar power system. Makers says it can work as an office, garden house, or small living accommodation.


Garden Geodesic Dome

Cost: $2,781.99

Details: A 12-foot dome made from non-corrosive, recyclable PVC and PA6 materials, this structure is inspired by architect and engineer Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes. According to the product description, the design maximizes airflow to keep a uniform temperature throughout and can handle up to 90 pounds of snow and winds up to 31 miles per hour.


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